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Old-World Craftsmen

The Eberle Builder's strengths grow from three generations of building experience, their exacting attention to detail, and their decades-long relationships with their local architects. Every home they create is unique, classic American architecture, be it a renovation or a completely new design.

With over a hundred projects since 1983, each home can take a year, or even two, to build. Working so closely for so long for their clients means their cares and concerns become the Eberles' as well. Customer satisfaction is a consuming priority.

Not only are the Eberles involved from starting concept to finished design, they are within an hour or two of all their finished homes. This gives them a deep interest in the fabric of the communities within which their creations are woven.

"I enjoy all phases of it, but I love the finishing part because the clients get to see every aspect coming to life. I like adding our personal touch to the details," says Wayne Eberle. "We offer a superior product, which means building a home that is architecturally correct and aesthetically pleasing—our goals are to make homes that look like they have been where they are for a hundred years, and for our work to stand up to the test of time and still look as good as the day it was completed."

What does craftsmanship mean? For the Eberles, craftsmanship means knowing all facets of how to build so well that architects can refer clients to them with the confidence that these builders know what standard they are looking for and can deliver it every time. Even before the building stage, the designers give their ideas to the Eberles.

Eberle Builders, Inc. live by the philosophy that anything is possible. This philosophy had driven them to invention and in 1997 they patented the EBTY hidden deck fastening system when a client fretted about the prospect of unsightly nail-holes in their Brazilian hardwood deck. The EBTY revolutionized the decking industry. The Eberle’s built up the EBTY business, achieving national distribution, global sales, and in 2016 the Eberle’s sold the business to Simpson Strong-Tie where the EBTY lives on today!

It is this attention to detail, and commitment to beauty that makes Eberle Builders the finest craftsmen in the industry.